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The Payment Procedure: 

Please keep in mind that we accept payments via internet banking, Paypal, Western Union, Visa Debit/Credit Card, or Master Card. Ensure that your funds have cleared before proceeding with your purchase. Additionally, any transaction fees charged by your bank are not our responsibility.

Terms of Service: 

When we accept your order, our utmost effort is to provide the best assistance for your writing tasks and projects. We expect our services to be used solely as a means to access resources necessary for completing assignments. Moreover, we offer suggestions and references to aid in writing high-quality papers.

By placing an order, you agree to abide by our terms and conditions.

Order Completion and Revisions: 

Our writers fulfill your order based on the instructions you provide. If you are dissatisfied with the sample paper, contact us, and we will revise it for you at no cost, for an indefinite period. You can also avail of our refund policy if you remain unsatisfied after three revisions.

Pricing and Delivery Timeframes: 

The pricing and delivery timeframes provided on our website are for informational purposes. If you reject alternative pricing or delivery timeframes suggested by us, the order will not be processed, and no payment will be collected. In such a scenario, the transaction will be considered canceled.

Customer Information: 

To provide our services effectively, we require authentic, up-to-date, and adequate information about yourself and your project, submitted in a timely manner. When placing an order, ensure you provide the relevant order criteria. Additional instructions added later may not be considered during processing and may incur an additional charge.


At CIPD Modules Help, we make every effort to ensure that every order is completed within the agreed-upon time frame. If, for any reason, we are unable to do so, we will notify you via email, providing the option to request an extension or a refund as per our refund policy.

Use Limitations: 

Duplication, editing, distribution, reproduction, or sale of any work received through us without our express permission is illegal. Any violation of these conditions will result in the termination of the agreement between you and us.

Plagiarism and Copyright Infringement: 

Our assignment writing service strictly prohibits any misconduct that could lead to plagiarism or copyright infringement.

Communication with Clients: 

CIPD Modules Help may contact clients through SMS, email, or phone to convey important updates. If your cellphone number becomes unreachable, you release us from any liability, including damages, financial fines, and expenses.

Age Requirement: 

To use CIPD Modules Help, you must be at least 16 years old. If you are under 16, you need permission from your parent or legal guardian.

License Termination: 

Failure to adhere to our terms and conditions may lead to the termination of your license.

Revision and Refund Policy: 

We strongly recommend that you review our refund policy.

Privacy Policy: 

For more information on our service limitations and how we handle the data you provide, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Resolution of Disputes:

 In case of any disagreement related to these terms or any contract between you and us, we suggest trying to resolve the matter through mediation in good faith before resorting to arbitration.


CIPD Modules Help reserves the right to terminate the service agreement, wholly or partially, at any time.

Events Beyond Control: 

We are not liable for any breach of contract caused by events beyond our reasonable control, such as network latency or third-party email misdirection.