5HR02 Assignment Example

Assessment Questions


How can organisations strategically position themselves in competitive labour markets? (AC 1.1)

What is the impact of changing labour market conditions on resourcing decisions? (AC 1.2)

What is the role of government, employers and trade unions in ensuring future skills needs are met? (AC 1.3)

I am new to people practice and have heard that workforce planning is important. Before I try to convince others of this, I welcome the views of someone with more experience. Could you analyse the impact of effective workforce planning? (AC 2.1)

I want to introduce workforce planning in my organisation but I’m unsure which technique/s to use. Could you evaluate the techniques used to support the process of workforce planning? (AC 2.2)

Could you explain two approaches to succession and contingency planning aimed at mitigating workforce risks? (AC 2.3)

I tend to advertise all vacancies on our organisation’s website, then managers interview applicants. I would like to consider other recruitment and selection methods. Could you briefly assess the strengths and weaknesses of these methods as well as one other recruitment method and one other selection method? (AC 2.4)

I am aware employee turnover rates vary from one organisation to another but what turnover and retention trends exist and what factors influence why people choose to leave or remain? (AC 3.1)

I want to compare different approaches to developing and retaining talent on an individual and group level? Could you give me some pointers? (AC 3.2)

Could you evaluate approaches that an organisation can take to build and support different talent pools? (AC 3.3)

Could you evaluate two benefits of diversity in building and supporting talent pools? (AC 3.4)

I am trying to persuade managers in my organisation to take employee turnover more seriously but have been unsuccessful. Could you explain the impact associated with dysfunctional employee turnover? (AC 3.5)

Could you assess suitable types of contractual arrangements dependent on specific workforce need. (AC 4.1)

I have heard there are different types of terms in contracts – surely a term is a term. Can you differentiate between express terms and implied terms? (AC 4.2)

Could you explain the components and two benefits of effective onboarding? (AC 4.3)

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