5HR03 Assignment Example

Assessment Questions

Task One

1) Evaluate the principles of reward and its importance to organisational culture and performance management. (AC 1.1)

2) Explain how policy initiatives and practices are implemented. (AC 1.2)

3) Explain how people and organisational performance can impact on the approach to reward. (AC 1.3)

4) Compare two different types of benefits offered by organisations and the merits of each. (AC 1.4)

5) Assess the contribution of extrinsic and intrinsic rewards to improving employee contribution and sustained organisational performance. (AC 1.5)

6) Assess the business context of the reward environment. (AC 2.1)

7) Evaluate the most appropriate ways in which benchmarking data can be gathered and measured to develop insight. (AC 2.2)

8) Explain how organisations use insight to develop reward packages and approaches. (AC 2.3)

Task Two

This task requires you to provide understanding of the role that people professionals undertake in supporting line managers to make reward decisions.

9) Explain the legislative requirements that impact reward practice. (AC 2.4)

10) Assess different approaches to performance management. (AC 3.1)

11) Review the role of people practice in supporting line managers to make consistent and appropriate reward judgements. (AC 3.2)

12) Explain how line managers make reward judgements based on organisational approaches to reward. (AC 3.3)

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