5OS07 Assignment Example

Assessment Questions

Task One

Evaluate two key ‘wellbeing’ theories, including how they can be applied to current issues of wellbeing in the workplace. (AC 1.1)

Explain, with examples, how wellbeing can be managed to support organisational goals. (AC 1.2)

Assess the potential value of adopting wellbeing practices in organisations. (AC 1.3)

Identify ways in which each of the following workplace stakeholders can contribute to improvements in wellbeing at work. 

  • managers 
  • workers (AC 2.1)

Explain, with examples, how wellbeing can interact with other areas of people management practice. (AC 2.2)

Analyse how organisational context shapes wellbeing. (AC 2.3)

Task Two

Discuss Repas’ needs in relation to employee wellbeing and two wellbeing initiatives that would help address these needs. (AC 3.1)

Design (in summary form) a wellbeing programme/initiative that would address one area of Repas’ needs. Your design summary should include the need being addressed, the key components of the programme, the people involved/affected, and the potential wellbeing benefits to be gained. (AC 3.2)

Explain how your wellbeing programme would be implemented in a way that is suitable for Repas. (AC 3.3)

Explain how your Repas wellbeing programme would be evaluated and monitored. (AC 3.4)

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