Leadership and Management Development (5OS06)

Leadership and Management Development (5OS06) goes beyond the basics of learning and development. It focuses on leadership and management, which are crucial for creating the right workplace culture. This culture should be united, diverse, creative, and effective. By selecting the appropriate methods and tools for development, organisations can greatly improve their effectiveness.

What will you learn

In 5OS06, you’ll learn about why leadership and management are important for the organisation. You’ll see how leadership and management work together and understand the different tasks leaders and managers do in various situations. You’ll also figure out what skills and qualities they need. Plus, you’ll discover how people in HR can help develop leaders and managers and why it’s crucial to include diversity and inclusion. Lastly, you’ll check what makes leadership programs successful, who’s involved, and how they affect the organisation.

This unit is suitable for persons who:

This course is designed for individuals who are either looking to start a career in people management, those already in a role related to people practices who want to add value to their organisation, and those aiming for or already in a people manager position.

Learning outcomes

Upon finishing this unit, learners will:

  • Grasp the importance of leadership and management, along with the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviours.
  • Comprehend various learning and development programs aimed at nurturing leaders and managers.
  • Assess the effectiveness of initiatives designed for leadership and management development.

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