Diversity and Inclusion (5OS05)

In the Diversity and Inclusion (5OS05) course, you’ll learn about adjusting leadership approaches to handle, track, and discuss fairness and variety, which is crucial for fair practices and legal requirements. You’ll understand why it’s important to support a workforce that represents different backgrounds and to create an environment where everyone feels included. This not only improves how well the organisation performs but also helps meet the needs of both employees and customers better.

What will you learn

In 5OS05, you’ll explore the benefits of having diverse and inclusive workplaces, and how having a strategy for diversity and inclusion can help organisations. You’ll look at both the positives and the challenges diversity and inclusion bring, and how they meet the needs of employees and customers. You’ll also learn about the laws and rules for employment and what organisations must report regarding disability, ethnicity, gender, and pay gaps. Additionally, you’ll review the organisation’s policies and practices related to diversity and inclusivity at work and assess how fair they are. Lastly, you’ll examine how managers and leaders play a role in making a workplace culture that values differences and welcomes diversity and inclusion.

This unit is suitable for persons who:

This unit is tailored for individuals who are either aiming for or beginning a career in people management, those currently employed in a people practice role who want to use their expertise to enhance organisational value, and individuals who are striving for or already in a people manager position.

Learning outcomes

After completing this unit, learners will:

  • Grasp the significance of embracing diversity and inclusion within organisations.
  • Have the capability to guarantee that diversity and inclusion are evident and encouraged throughout the organisation.
  • Be adept at implementing top-notch methods for diversity and inclusion.

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