5OS03 Learning and Development Essentials

5OS03 Learning and Development Essentials covers crucial elements of learning and development tailored for individuals in people management positions. It acknowledges the interconnectedness within organisations and emphasises how learning and development efforts impact overall performance. The course delves into the various stages of designing, developing, and facilitating learning programs, while also exploring alternative learning methods to boost learner engagement and contribute to business success.

What will you learn

In 5OS03, you’ll delve into pivotal topics and trends influencing learning and development within organisations. You’ll analyse how learning and development initiatives align with various organisational aspects to drive the achievement of business objectives. Comparisons will be made among different learning and development methods, exploring how they can be combined to create compelling solutions that meet specific learning goals. Moreover, you’ll examine group learning techniques and facilitation methods, considering the significance of different contexts in promoting learner engagement. Additionally, you’ll assess the potential advantages and drawbacks of informal and self-directed learning approaches.

This unit is suitable for persons who

This course is suitable for individuals who:

  • Are aspiring to begin a career in people management or are just starting out.
  • Currently work in a people practice role and want to leverage their expertise to enhance organisational value.
  • Are either progressing towards or already hold a position as a people manager.

Learning outcomes

Upon completing this unit, learners will:

  • Gain an understanding of how learning and development intersects with various facets of the organisation.
  • Acquire knowledge about designing effective learning and development solutions.
  • Recognize the significance of facilitating learning within diverse contexts.